The publication for Sierra Social Section members is The Happenings!, which is emailed monthly and updated every other week. You can also view the latest events featured in The Happenings! on our events page. Events are categorized as either "activities" or "outings."
An activity is a social event that does not move from one location to another. Any Sierra Social Section member may sponsor, publish, and host an activity, if approved through our Programs Coordinator, Melody Eues (
An outing is an event that moves from one location to another and can only be led by a trained and current Chapter Outing Leader (COL). Any outing led for the Sierra Social Section is credited to the leader’s Sierra Club COL status. Any COL 1 or 2 may lead and publish an appropriate outing with the Sierra Social Section using the instructions below.
A. Publishing in The Happenings Only

Preferably, start six weeks before the outing to provide time for approval and to publish in The Happenings. If you don’t make the monthly publication, the outing can be listed in the next update. Allow two weeks for approval and inclusion in the update. (Please note that members without email do not receive the updates, only the monthly printed copy):

  1. Log into and go to Enter or change outings

  2. Enter outing into Leader Database and Master Calendar, selecting "Social Section" for our Section.

  3. Click “Check” by your name. Your COL status will be verified.

  4. Click "Validate Outing Before Submitting". Any needed corrections will be displayed below.

  5. Click "Submit". This should result in a copy going to the Sierra Social Section Outing Chair, Christian Soria, for approval.

  6. The Sierra Section Outing Chair will review and approve the outing (or suggest changes needed for approval) and forward it (if approved) to Shana Baldassari, our Editor, to place into the newsletter.

Sample format for The Happenings:
MAY 16, SUN 9 A.M.

Leader: Carol Stultz

Asst: E.L. Lotecka

Difficulty: E5A

After breakfast and cleanup at Foster Lodge car camp, we will do a two hour hike to nearby Big Laguna Lake. We will walk past bird feeding area, through meadow and along lake, before returning to Lodge. Wildflowers and birds are expected to be plentiful in the meadow. Bring 1 qt. water. For information, please contact Carol Stultz.

B. The Happenings and Sierra Club Chapter Outings

If you want to seek a wider audience than the Sierra Social Section only, you can publish your outing with the entire Chapter as well. After approval, it will be listed on the Chapter’s Outings website. Also, your outing will be emailed to those on the Outings list soon after the 1st and 15th of the month. Follow all instructions in A. above, with the following changes and additions:


  1. In your outing description, add at the end: “Open to Main Chapter.”

  2. Click the Web Publishing button on the left of the data entry section.

Problem Resolutions

As a leader of an activity or outing, if you have problems with an attendee not following guidelines, not fitting in with the activity or disrupting/harassing other attendees, please talk to that person privately as an initial step. If this does not solve the problem, you can ask him or her to leave with a safe way back from an outing. Please report the person to the Sierra Social Section Board Chair, Dina Campbell at

Publishing and Leading Events

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