Hiking Preperation List

This checklist is for taking group day hikes that are near faculties and phones. It is a general inventory you can personalize with additions, modifications, and deletions. By having a comprehensive list, you will be much less likely to forget valuable items. 

Knowing yourself–capabilities as well as limits–is paramount. Also, know the environment: weather possibilities, temperature range, grounds surfaces, inclines, and elevation changes. You can talk with the Chapter Outing Leader about specific conditions and preparations. 
Starting from the ground up:
___ Comfort footwear with appropriate grip (try out!) 
___ Socks combination (thin liner/cushion outer?)
___ Clothing (layers for temp/SPF/brush)
___ Water in recyclable BFA-free container (adequate+ for conditions)
___ Food for meal or snacks (balanced nutrition)
___ Sun block (enough to reapply)
___ Sun glasses (good UVs)
___ Hat (your pick for face/neck shade, style)
___ Rain protection (if indicated)
___ Insect repellant (your preference)
___ Map (nice to have) 
___ Camera (if desired) 
___ Conversation starters (interesting, upbeat) 
___ Other (gloves, phone, walking stick)



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